Dr Paul Rose

WWT, Animal Welfare & Ethics Committee manager / Research Associate

University of Exeter, Lecture in Animal Behaviour

Dr Paul Rose is a lecturer in animal behaviour and welfare, with a specific focus on applied aspects of behavioural ecology (e.g. the use of such information to conservation, animal welfare and animal management). He completed his PhD on the application of social networks analysis to flamingo social behaviour and group living at WWT Slimbridge from 2012-2018. Dr Paul Rose is a member of the BIAZA (British zoo association) Research Committee, Bird Working Group and Animal Welfare Working Group. He is also a member of the IUCN Giraffe and Okapi Specialist Group, and the IUCN Flamingo Specialist. Dr Paul Rose sits on the UK’s Government’s Zoos Expert Committee.


Most recent publications:

Greenwell, P. J., Riley, L. M., Lemos de Figueiredo, R., Brereton, J. E., Mooney, A., & Rose, P. E. (2023). The Societal Value of the Modern Zoo: A Commentary on How Zoos Can Positively Impact on Human Populations Locally and Globally. Journal of Zoological and Botanical Gardens4(1), 53-69.

Des Pallieres, C. G., & Rose, P. E. (2023). Two’s company, three species is a crowd? A webcam-based study of the behavioural effects of mixed-species groupings in the wild and in the zoo. Plos one18(4), e0284221.

Mooney, A., Teare, J. A., Staerk, J., Smeele, S. Q., Rose, P., Edell, R. H., ... & Buckley, Y. M. (2023). Flock size and structure influence reproductive success in four species of flamingo in 540 captive populations worldwide. Zoo Biology.

Rose, P. (Ed.). (2022). The Behavioural Biology of Zoo Animals. CRC Press: Boca Raton, USA

Paul Rose and lemur square


The biodiversity of wetlands
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