Melike Hemmami

Change facilitator, Freelance

Ms Hemmami, with 18+ years of experience, focuses on facilitating change processes and innovation for sustainability. She brings actors together to explore new approaches and support specific contexts. Melike's passion for learning led her to diverse fields related to nature conservation, including wetland conservation and participatory planning.

She gained expertise in environment, ecological agriculture, food security, climate change, rural development, collective action, and humanitarian work. This broad experience helps her consider factors hindering or supporting the pathways to desired changes.

Ms Hemmami identifies short-term priorities and approaches, seeking to deepen her knowledge of participatory methods. Learning is essential for change, and she believes in facilitating societal learning to shape the world we dream of.

She engages in capacity building, develops curricula, and facilitates multi-stakeholder processes in diverse contexts including for protected area management planning. Her goal is to enable others' development and contribute to a better world.



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