Enri Uusna

Chief Specialist, Republic of Estonia Environmental Board

For the past seven years Enri Uusna has been working in the Department of Environmental Education in the Environmental Board.

His work revolves around education and environmental awareness. Engaging with students of all ages is a large part of his work. That includes both outdoor activities and study programmes in the classroom. Enri has conducted seminars, written information materials about protected areas and participated as an instructor in pop-up workshops.

Enri Uusna's background, however, is not connected to pedagogy. In 2015 Enri obtained his master’s degree in Estonian University of Life Sciences, taking part in the course Landscape Management and Nature Preservation.

Enri's thesis was a qualitative study of place attachment in rural Estonia.

It was a contribution to a more substantial paper on social network complexity in Latvia and Estonia.



Evaluating CEPA
(Foundation course, Unit 4, Topic 4)