Dr Tobias Salathé

Independent wetland expert

Tobias was trained as a biologist at Basel University in Switzerland where he received a PhD. based on his ecological field research in the Camargue, the Rhone River delta in Mediterranean France. After his scientific training, he moved to international conservation work. First coordinating the migratory birds programme of BirdLife International, then advising the DG Environment of the European Commission, developing and coordinating site-specific conservation projects for the Tour du Valat research institute for the conservation of Medtiterranean wetlands, and finally interacting with wetland experts as a senior adviser to the secretariat of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, working i.a. on peatlands, with UNESCO and others at international and national levels, whenever possible having on-site contacts and getting his feet into the mud.

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Conservation planning for wetlands
(Foundation course, Unit 3, Topic 1)