Dr Sietse Los

Dr Sietse Los' research interests are in understanding the interactions between climate and the biosphere. An important part of his research is based on the analysis of global satellite data and climate data; Sietse has investigated the effects of extreme events caused by el Nino and la Nina on global vegetation, the detection of greening and browning trends in global vegetation associated with climate change and increased atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, the effects of past climate change on cloud forests, and the use of satellite data to obtain information on the global state of vegetation for input in climate models and ecosystem models. Dr Sietse Los has worked previously at the Netherlands Forestry Commission, the University of Maryland and Science Systems & Applications Inc. to support research at NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, and at Swansea University. At present he is investigating the potential impacts of climate change on sites managed by the WWT.


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Climate change and wetlands
(Foundation course, Unit 1, Topic 4)