Dr Priyanie Amerasinghe

Emeritus Scientist, Human and Environmental Health, International Water Management Institute

Dr Priyanie Amerasinghe is an Emeritus Scientist attached to the International Water Management Institute, headquartered in Sri Lanka. Her areas of specialisation are human and environmental health. She has over 40 years of research and development experience and currently focuses on developing integrated solutions for safeguarding natural ecosystems, and their ecosystem services important for livelihoods and human well-being. She works across multidisciplinary research teams, focussing on system-wide/landscape approaches for ecosystem preservation, livelihood enhancement, natural resource utilisation by under-served communities as well as policy advocacy studies. Current work also includes wise-use and conservation of wetlands, and environmental drivers of contaminants, with a special focus on antimicrobial resistance in the environment.


She has carried out collaborative research studies in a number of South Asian, South East Asian, and African countries and has published widely.

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