Dr Chethika Gunasiri

Environmental Scientist

Sri Lanka Land Development Corporation

Chethika Gunasiri is an environmental professional with more than 10 years experience in urban ecosystem management. Currently, she is working as an Environmental Scientist at Sri Lanka Land Development Corporation and is mainly involved in the restoration, management, and wise use of urban wetlands to achieve sustainable city development. She was a member of the team preparing the Colombo Wetland Management Strategy and the application for the Ramsar Wetland City Accreditation for Colombo City.

Her main research areas are planning and designing urban green spaces, the Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystem nexus in cities, urban ecosystem assessment, and urban shrinkage and ageing in developing countries. Chethika completed her Ph.D. in Sustainability Science at the United Nations University in Japan, and she holds an M.Sc. in Earth Science and an MBA and B.Sc. in Zoology. She is a council member of the Institute of Environmental Professionals Sri Lanka (IEPSL), and the former South Asia Regional Representative of the Wetland Link International-Asia steering committee.


Chethika’s research publications can be read through Academia and ResearchGate and other media publications in her LinkedIn profile.



Ecosystem services of wetlands 2: Social and cultural
(Foundation course, Unit 2, Topic 3)