Chris Rostron

International Engagement Manager, Wildfowl & Wetland Trust

Chris has been working at the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust since 2008, focussing on supporting WLI, a network of wetland centres globally, and WWN, the World Wetland Network of civil society organisations. He is on the Ramsar CEPA Oversight Panel and also advises EAAFP and AEWA on their CEPA programmes.

As part of WWN he has worked on developing the Global Wetland Watch, a participatory science project. Most recently, he has been developing the Wetland Learning Hub, a new online training platform for wetland conservationist.

Prior to WWT he worked on a UK-wide project connecting Wildlife NGOs, the Water Industry and the national Environment Agency to find ways to deliver catchment management for wildlife. Before that he led projects on urban environmental education and engagement in London.



Delivering CEPA on site
(Foundation course, Unit 4, Topic 3)