Foundation course in Wetland Health and Vitality

In this course you will learn about the characteristics, key theory and essential skills that underpin wetland management strategies

What to expect

This foundation course (Wetland Health and Vitality) will equip you with the key theory and essential skills to feel confident in understanding wetland management characteristics and strategies. It brings together expert knowledge and experience from across the world, and will be delivered in an engaging and varied way.

Who is this course for?

The course is for those who are new to working in a wetland related role, or may have little theoretical education in wetland management. You may be working for an NGO, a government organisation, an academic institution or in the private sector, in either a paid or unpaid role. We ask that participants are age 21 or over, with some existing background knowledge in a relevant industry.

Course structure and content

This course ran as a pilot in 2023 and is currently being updated for 2024.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes include being able to: identify and explain key forms of wetland management practice; discuss and evaluate the ecological functions of named wetlands; outline and explain relevant programmes, policies or agreements (e.g. Ramsar) specific to wetland management; critically analyse future issues relating to wetlands within the scope of human, biodiversity and environmental needs.

Course entry requirements

To be accepted on the course, you will need to already be working (either paid or unpaid) in a wetland-related role, and be able to commit to eight weeks at around four hours study per week. You will need an internet connection but we don’t require you to be online at any specific time. In order to receive the certificate of course completion, you must watch all online lessons, successfully complete a multiple choice quiz and do the course surveys.

Pilot course

We have now completed the pilot course. Those that responded to the evaluation gave very positive feedback, with 86% saying they found the course ‘excellent’ and the rest rating it as ‘very good’.

We are currently working on an updated version of this course. More information coming soon.