About the courses

For the 2023 pilot year, we are offering two learning opportunities. The first is a Foundation Course in Wetland Health and Vitality. This will form the basis for a permanent course for the Wetland Learning Hub. The second is a Workshop on the Basics of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, giving a more interactive opportunity to explore how the Convention works and how it can support wetland conservation.

Foundation Course: Wetland Health and Vitality

This eight week course aims to provide a broad understanding of the issues facing wetlands and how we can work to deliver better wetland protection and restoration. It ranges from the basics of wetland types and function, eco-sytem services and wetland values, through management and monitoring and finally to how to engage people.

It is aimed a those already working or volunteering in wetland conservation, whether through government, NGO, or the private sector. We hope it will be particularly useful for those early-career professionals but it may still be relevant to those who wish to broaden the wetland knowledge across new areas.

The course will be delivered via The Nature Conservancy Website, a state-of-the-art learning environment, allowing easy access to the course materials. The course will be evaluated as participants progress, and a certificate provided upon successful completion of the course.

Participants will be supported by a course leader across the eight weeks, and have opportunities to interact with each other during this period. Lecturers will also be available to answer questions and engage with participants.

Workshop: an Introduction to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands

The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands provide a global framework to support wetland conservation. It does this through the three pillars of designation of Ramsar wetland sites, promotion of the wise use principle for all wetlands, and international cooperation to protect wetlands. This half-day workshop will provide an interactive session, led by WWT and including speakers from the Convention Secretariat as well as practitioners from other Ramsar bodies and those delivering wetland conservation at international, national and local levels.

We are currently preparing this workshop, and will provide more details shortly. We aim to hold it in late 2023.

Future courses

Based on our pilot year, and extensive research into what wetland conservationists feel they need support with, we will start to develop more courses from 2024, when we launch the permanent version of the Wetland Learning Hub. The Foundation course will become permanent, and form an introduction to wetland conservation. More advanced courses will be developed, which will go into more depth on specific topics. We will also create more short courses, workshops and webinars that can deliver specialist topics, or allow 'bite-sized' courses for those that don't have much time to commit.