The Wetland Learning Hub was created after many in the wetland community identified a lack of structured training and capacity building for conservationists working on wetlands.

WWT, as one of the six IOPs (International Organisation Partners) took a lead on this, and has worked with many other partners to get to this stage. We used the IUCN Congress, the 2021 INTECOL meeting and the Ramsar COP15 in 2022 to promote and consult on the idea.

Working with an external consultant, Good Innovation, took us to a detailed level of how the course could be delivered, what content participants are likely to want, and how the course could be financially viable. 2023 was the pilot year, testing out the approach with participants and lecturers from across the international wetland community.

This year we are working on a permanent version of the course, which will include structured courses and workshops, a resource hub, and interactive community forums for specific wetland issues.

Future of the Wetland Learning Hub

Based on the results of the pilot course we aim to launch the permanent version of the hub in 2024. This will provide a central place to access courses, workshops, resources and to link with other wetland professionals. It will take the following structure:

  • Taught courses and workshops, on specific projects. This will see the Foundation Course embedded as a permanent offer, which will be run at regular intervals. We will also develop more specialist courses, depending on requests and interest from participants.
  • Resources hub. A central repository of resources relating to wetland conservation, in various formats (documents, guides, manuals, videos, webinar, images etc). These will be made easily searchable, from both within the Wetland Learning Hub structure but also via external search engines.
  • Community forums. These will be structured according to need, providing spaces where you can find resource, contacts and a place to ask (and answer!) questions. They will be dynamic, with new ones emerging and old ones replaces according to interest. Each will be ‘owned’ by relevant experts in the field.